Thanks to all our customers for your business and we really appreciate you sharing your thank you messages and comments with us.

I love my Smilefile it is such a great idea and helps you keep all of your precious memories in one place without getting damaged or lost. I love showing off my Smilefile so much that other family members have purchased them for their children also. I would recommend this product to anyone even people with grown children that have all of their memories stored all over the place. Lisa

I am not on Facebook but would love to give you some feedback. The artwork cases are great, good size and very well made. I bought one each for my boys who are 4 and 2. I think it's important to keep their creations as they grow and develop and I wanted something to protect and store all the crazy beautiful pieces they have created so far. I am hoping to pull them out at their 21st birthdays so will be back for more smile file products in the coming years.  Thank you Sue
Ps I also love the pick up option!!

I am so pleased to have purchased the Smilefile system and artwork case. I was racking my brain for months working out where can I store all my 3 year olds kinder art, documents and more. When I Googled and your website came up bells rang.  Now I am so so happy I Purchased it.  Storage is great,  I can keep her art work safe and now have great Christmas ideas for my neice and nephew!! Thanks so much. Lisa

I was extremely happy with the product. I brought the inkless kit to get prints of my baby boys feet. I had previously used a similar product for my little girl (she is now 2). My biggest concern is that my son has bilateral club foot so I was worried as to how I would be able to capture his prints. Luckily for me your kit made it easy to achieve this. I am happy to recommend your product as exceptionally easy to use, even in different circumstances. Good luck with your business. Regards, Karen

Thank you Sue for the pre school to year 12 kit! It arrived today in perfect condition. I was even more impressed when I saw the size, bigger than I expected! Plenty of room for everything. Can't wait to start building it up :) Many Thanks

I bought the pre-school to year 12 kits - awesome storage for all the bits that accumulate. Sturdy and plenty of storage space in 5 organisers - colour coded for different purposes. Meegan

I’ve been wanting to purchase the Smilefile Pregnancy to Pre-school folder, boxes & the A2 art folders for ages. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner… like before my first son was born. I’ve just spent the weekend filling out & trying to remember certain details about my son’s first milestones from the past two years. I’m so glad that I have bought this before my next baby is born in July. As my husband said, ‘It’s is a fantastic idea & the perfect way to store & record those first years of memories’. Y

I have been meaning to write this for so long, sorry I haven't till now..
I first heard about smilefile last year at the pregnancy and baby expo as a family friend was helping to promote it and I just stopped to say hi (best thing I did that day) I listened to her explain all the great products and was hooked! I love preserving memories of my family and was currently pregnant with my first child. I purchased the pregnancy to preschool kit and some extra stickers and sleeves. I love looking at it nearly every day trying to find something new to add or fill in (my daughter is only 4mths so plenty left to do). The service was beyond exceptional and more friendly and helpful that I could have ever asked for. I have since purchased an A2 art folder, more sleeves to fill and the inkless hand & foot print kit! (best invention for newborn keepsake ever). I especially love how you hand write handy useful tips and messages of thanks on every order. Keep up the good work, can't wait to add more memories of my little one growing and looking forward to purchasing your big school age kit in the future and filling that too! Much appreciation Meagan

What a great idea! I have brought two sets for each of my kids, one starts school next year and I thought I would get in early to make sure her school years were recorded with no fuss. I've just completed the preschool section and the files have been great to keep everything safe from damage and neatly file. Nothing will be lost and it's easy to update and look through. Thanks Angie

I love my new Pregnancy to Pre-school Smilefile Kit. Compared to traditional baby memory books, this system leaves much room for expansion and personalization! The accompanying stationery is well designed and the file and insert sheets are hardy enough to last through the years. Thank you Sue, not just for a great product but also for the excellent service you provide. Alli

I have been looking for something to store my childrens' memorabilia in for a while. The Smilefile not only offers storage but terrific organisation. My girls' milestones are recorded and special momentos arranged from birth to the end of their school years. Even though my children are young, we have the perfect place ready for their valued school reports, ribbons and artwork. Thank you Smilefile, as a parent and teacher, I would recommend this product to all families.  Fiona

Am absolutely LOVING the Smilefile Kit - brilliant idea and I've spread the word amongst my mothers group already. My little man is only 14 months and he goes to child care a day a week and has already started bringing bits and pieces home that I'm keen to keep. Tanya

I’ve just received a Smilefile kit and it’s great. It was so much fun putting all my son’s school stuff into it. I’d forgotten what he’d done at school. I’ll be recommending it to all my mum friends at his school. Thanks Tracey

Since my boys were in kindergarten I have kept their beautiful handmade gifts and cards, paintings, awards and photos in drawers around my home.  I hoped, one day, to find a better place to put them all. The difficulty was finding something that would take all the different shapes and sizes.  The smilefile was the perfect answer.  I now have a special place for each of my children’s favourite mementoes which I can add to as their journey continues. Mrs L Reu, Magill, SA

My husband and I had a look through the Smilefile you sent yesterday and we both agreed that the quality was outstanding and way above what we expected. I am very excited to start displaying the box and the flyers and order forms for our fundraiser, as I think parents are going to be of the same opinion. Kristy

I bought the Smile File for my Granddaughter who starts school next term and it's fantastic. It's great to have all her school achievements in the one spot. I will definitely be buying one for all my Grandchildren. I wish they were around when I had children. Thanks Cathy Heath

I can't believe how organised I am now with Smilefile. Lani, Seaford, SA

I love it, all of my kid’s memories in one place. My son’s is up to date and now I am getting stuck into my daughters. They are ready for the rest of the school years mementos to be kept safe. Great quality too! Sue

Smilefile is great! It has helped the kids and me sort and store their most valued work this year with plenty of room for later years' additions. The kids enjoy having a special box just about them. I recommend Smilefile to any family! Becky

May I say you have a wonderful idea with your Smilefile. I do have books where we write memories of each grade but the report cards, paintings, school photos are just piling up in my study and just about to fall over the pile is getting so high. Taryn

This is a super easy, efficient and child-friendly method of storing all those important school documents. It is strong but light-weight and portable. I am looking forward to filling the folders with my children's achievements and taking trips down memory lane as they progress through their childhood. Jess

l received my box on Monday. l have had a good look at the box and love the set up, it is so very functional but l haven't as yet had a chance to sit down and fill it up! The box is just perfect to fit everything in and keep it all in one place! it is such a great idea!! So thank you again and good luck with your business l'm sure it will be a success! Nerissa

Thank you so much for my three Smilefiles! I absolutely love them. I currently have two children but just had to buy a third so that I have somewhere for our next child! It is wonderful to have a special, safe place to file all their art and certificates. Thanks again! Jess

Thanks for your note, I actually ordered the Smilefile for a friend as a gift and will give it to her soon. It’s a wonderful product! Thanks and kind regards, Bridget

Seriously the best idea - I've been wanting to organise my kids bits and pieces for a while and Smilefile was the perfect solution!! Have one so far for my oldest, and will def be getting one for my youngest when we need it! Wish I'd thought of it!! Elly

Received my 2 boxes and the size, design and quality are just amazing. Every time I go in my kids rooms and see them they put a smile on my face, perhaps thats why they are called Smilefiles! Amelia

Just bought and received my first Smilefile and am so impressed I wanted to let you all know!! As a Foster Mum, it is important that I help the kids in my care to keep a record of their lives. This gives them more stability and pride in their achievements. The Smilefile is great for this and so neat to stick away in a cupboard when not in use. Thanks Sue, I will definitely be buying more and recommending to others. Sue

Just received my smilefile pre-school to year 12 kit. What a wonderful product, I absolutely love it. I will have many happy years filling it up. Thank you Sue for a great product and fantastic service. Nichole

"Oh wow, these are great, I love keeping all of my sons treasures but finding the right way to store them can be so hard, problem now solved! :)" Jessica

"Love my son's new Smilefile pre-school to year 12 kit. As a family who move around a lot it is going to make it so much easier to keep the treasured memories organised and close by". Amanda

"I ordered this as presents for my kids for Xmas as my eldest starts school in the new year and I have to say I am in love with them; I love that fact that I am starting out his school life with the smilefile so things can be added right from the start. I loved the idea so much I recommended them to my neighbour who also bought them for her kids :)" Tara

"Just received my smilefiles for christmas and they are fantastic! and much bigger than I expected! I can't wait to start filling them with my boys certificates, awards and artwork… knowing that everything will be stored in the one place and sorted for them to look back on…" Claire

"These are every kind of awesomeness you can imagine as a mum!!! I have the pregnancy kit and school kit for both my boys (even though neither of them have started school!) The pregnancy folder is perfect - I have diaries from my pregnancy and their first 2 years of life that fit into the keepsake box along with all the cards I received when they were born, birth certificates and outfits / toys from when they were little bubba's. As a seriously sentimental mum, Smilefile is the PERFECT accessory for my house. Love it!!! Catherine

The smilefiles is something all parents need for their children. Before you know it, there is so much 'stuff' to keep like artwork, photos, awards and what I loved about these products is the fact that it is all streamlined and organised in the one place, so goodbye multiple boxes, hello one box to meet all my needs for my kids school life!  Carley

"So excited when my first smile file box came. Can't wait to fill it up with my son's school stuff. Definitely will be getting the other kids one when they go to school. Thank you"

I LOVE the Smilefile! Im only 16 weeks pregnant at the moment but filling out all the relevant details as they happen is a great reminder and keepsake! Im looking forward to continuing recording all the milestones in Bump's early years!! I have happily recommended the Smilefile to my friends! Kelly

"Thank you for the prompt delivery. I recommend this product to any parent. Fantastic way to keep all your child's memories. I wish I was handed one of these when I turned 18 !! " Vickie

I actually bought the Smilefile for a friends' baby shower present. I love the fact that unlike most baby books there are places for all of the little things such as the hospital bracelets, hair, teeth, as well as space to store a favourite teddy/blanket/outfit. I would have loved these for my own kids! I have a baby book for each of my kids and a separate box of things which of course the books don't fit in :) Meegan

Thank you for personally delivering my smilefile pack. I have bought the pregnancy kit for a baby shower gift and know they are going to really appreciate it. I have also bought the preschool kit and have started to store away my little ones kindy and first day of school memories as only in his first term of reception. It is a great neat and easy storage solution for all the bits and pieces you collect along the years, just the right amount of keeping! Thanks

Hi there, I ordered a pregnancy to preschool folder and have to say I absolutely love it.  Prompt delivery and now this is going to help me organise better with less need of boxes for my kids. Carley

The inkless kit is fantastic, arrived very quickly! It was easy to use (loved the tip you put on the front) I was able to get both my little boys hands and feet done with the one kit. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the quick delivery it was fantastic, arrived much sooner than I had expected which was a nice surprise in the mail :) The inkless kit was better than I expected as I thought blue ink would be everywhere but that was far from the case. Also a big thank you for the tip on how to do the prints, it was greatly appreciated. I would recommend you and your business to my friends and family any day. Thank you and I will definitely buy again from you!  Kirsty

I just couldn't decide what colour A2 Artwork Case I should get, so I let my daughter decide and of course she chose pink. We now have somewhere to put all her larger pre-school paintings and drawings. Thanks Smilefile. Jody